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Ancient Egyptian English Planning LKS2

Updated: Jun 8

If you haven’t already seen this brilliant text, it’s a graphic novel based on Ancient Egypt. Our full scheme of work contains 30 x 1 hour English lesson plans which include differentiated activities for your class.

Ancient Egyptian English Planning LKS2
Ancient Egyptian English Planning LKS2

Our Ancient Egyptian English Planning for LKS2 includes grammar lessons on conjunctions, adverbs, commands, commas, figurative language, expanded noun phrases and direct speech. Each grammar focus paves the pathway to three extended pieces of writing: instructional writing, a quest narrative and a play script. Also included within this English scheme of work are WAGOLL texts, bespoke teaching videos and our engaging hand-drawn images all meticulously linked to ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx’. So, save yourself hours of time and download your six-weeks of English planning now!

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