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Ancient Greece English Planning

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We are very excited to launch Week 1 of our six-week English scheme of work based around the fantastic text, ‘The Corinthian Girl’ by Christina Balit. This scheme has been written for Years 3 and 4 (children aged 7-9).

Your class will be hooked into their learning: from the very first week: they will be time travelling back to Ancient Greece to interview the Corinthian girl herself!

Like all of our schemes, this six-week Ancient Greece English planning includes detailed lesson plans, differentiated activities, engaging teaching videos linked meticulously to the book, whiteboard slides, posters for your Working Wall, word mats, engaging grammar activities, drama opportunities, extended pieces of writing and our hand-drawn images.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a white bed sheet for your costume, download the week FOR FREE and head back into Ancient Greece!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our website so you can be the first to know the minute that the full scheme is launched!

Week 1 The Corinthian Girl
Download PPTX • 3.58MB

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