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Environmental Disaster English Planning

Updated: Jun 14

This is week one of a six-week scheme of work which has been based around ‘Breaker’ by Annemarie Allan. It tells the story of twins, Tom and Beth, who have recently moved to a coastal town where a tanker has collided with a rock, leaving it at risk of creating a huge oil spill! The twins befriend a rather intriguing character – a professor – who leads them to become involved within interesting environmental adventures throughout the text.

Our environmental disaster English planning includes 30 x 1 hour fully resourced English plans written for Years 5 and 6 (aged 9-11). All Learning Intentions come from the National Curriculum for reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation for Upper Key Stage 2. During this unit, the children have three extended writing tasks: · News Report · Narrative Writing · Persuasion Text Many grammar objectives are also covered throughout the scheme in engaging and informative ways. These include expanded noun phrases, direct and indirect speech, modal verbs, perfect form of verbs, devices to build cohesion, selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, as well as identifying spelling and punctuation errors. In addition to this, the scheme also covers many of the Years 5 and 6 reading objectives, including drawing inferences, predicting, summarising, identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning and exploring the meaning of words in context.

Our environmental disaster English planning will save teachers hours of planning and preparation time! Every single resource you will need for the whole six weeks is provided within the scheme. This includes differentiated activities, research sheets for the children, posters for the Working Wall, handouts for the children, success criteria checklists and high-quality written examples of the extended writing expectations. Finally, all resource illustrations are hand-drawn, and the scheme also includes bespoke teaching videos to engage the children.

Why don't you try week one for free? Just click the link below to start your download.

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