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Fully resourced 'Journey to the River Sea' English Planning.

Updated: 2 days ago

Welcome to our fully resourced 'Journey to the River Sea' English planning. This is week 1 of a twelve-week scheme of work with 60 x 1 hour lesson plans and all the resources you will need for each and every lesson! It has been written for Years 5 and 6 (age 9-11).

The entire Scheme of Work is centred around ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson. This is a fantastic book which follows a young orphan girl’s adventure as she is relocated to live with her challenging cousins, aunt and uncle in the Amazon Rainforest. The story shares the beauty of the Amazon juxtaposed with the prejudice and discriminatory views of the Carter family. During this unit of work, the children will have four extended writing opportunities:

  • Non-chronological reports

  • Biography writing

  • Poetry

  • Persuasive Writing.

In addition, during the unit, your class will gain a great understanding of many grammar elements which are explicitly taught: word classes, relative clauses, irregular verbs, perfect form of verbs, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, determiners and subject and verb agreement. The fully resourced 'Journey to the River Sea' English planning has been written with teachers’ time in mind! Included in the scheme of work are all the lesson plans, differentiated exciting activities, bespoke teaching videos, hand-drawn images, teaching slides and posters for your Working Wall. All resources are in editable format enabling you to tweak, if needed, for your class. This unit of work is closely linked with PSHCE. It explores discrimination and prejudice in detail; the final piece of writing in the unit explores the Carter’s prejudice, stereotypical and discriminatory behaviour. This twelve week English unit for Upper Key Stage 2 links perfectly to many topics:

  • The Amazon

  • Rivers

  • Black and minority ethnic characters

  • Rain forests

So you can try before you buy, click on the link to download week 1 for free.

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