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Romans and Celts English Planning.

Updated: 3 days ago

Welcome to Week 1 of our six-week English scheme of work based on ‘Boudica’s Army’ by Hilary Mckay written especially for Year 3 (aged 7 and 8)!

‘Boudica’s Army’ is perfectly pitched for Year 3: it follows Boudica’s rampage against the Romans in a mild and age appropriate way whilst focusing on an unlikely but heartwarming friendship between a Roman and Celt.

Romans and Celts English Planning
Fully resourced English plans

Our 30 x 1 hour Romans and Celt English planning will take your class through the story with carefully planned differentiated grammar activities: pronouns, nouns, conjunctions, adverbs and fronted adverbials. Your class will complete three extended pieces of writing: an explanation text, a play script and a persuasive letter. This scheme of work will enable you to regain your work-life-balance! We have created every single resource for you: whiteboard slides, word mats, teaching videos, differentiated activities, posters for your Working Wall and our engaging hand-drawn images.

So take a look at Week 1 of our six-week scheme of work, take the pressure off yourself and let the learning rampage through your classroom!

Cover © Ben Whitehouse, 2020

Reproduced with the permission of Scholastic Children’s Books

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