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FREE Week 1 from our 'Secrets of a Sun King' English scheme of work.

Updated: Mar 29

We are delighted to share with you Week 1, Part 1 of our English scheme of work (for Years 5 and 6) based around the incredibly popular ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll. Part 1 consists of weeks 1-6, 30 easy to follow lesson plans, teaching videos, hand-drawn images and ALL the resources you will need!

Your class will be immersed into the narrative through drama, reading, grammar and writing lessons. The children will participate in fun and creative lessons on parenthesis, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases, adverbials of time and place, conjunctive adverbs, modal verbs, adverbs of possibility and subordinating conjunctions, all carefully linked to the text.

In addition, throughout the 6 weeks, the children will write two extended pieces of writing: an explanation text and a newspaper article.

So take the pressure off yourself, buckle up and enjoy travelling back to Ancient Egypt!


Week 1 Secrets of a Sun King
Download PPTX • 5.96MB

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