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Female protagonist. Vikings. Wolves. 

Six-weeks of English lesson plans and ALL the resources. What are you waiting for?!

Viking Boy
Escape From Pompeii
The Explorer
Secrets of a Sun King
The Corinthian Girl
Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx LKS2

English schemes of work based on high quality texts. 

English lesson plans and all the resources.

As experienced Primary school teachers, we know how all-consuming the job is. Whether you are new to teaching and are feeling overwhelmed with the work load; a teacher in a leadership position struggling to maintain your high standards in both roles; a teacher-parent feeling guilty for spending hours working at home or a class teacher fed up with spending hour upon hour planning amazing lessons- WE HAVE BEEN THERE! 

Teaching From Text have written complete English Schemes of Work based on rich and challenging texts. Our English Units of Work come fully resourced: 

  • English lesson plans. 

  • All the resources you will need ready to print out.  

  • Differentiation to suit the needs of your learners.  

  • Teaching videos to engage your students.  

  • Hand drawn images linked to each text.  

  • A wide variety of activities from extended writing opportunities to drama, grammar activities and games. 

  • All our English lesson plans and English schemes of work are fully editable so you have the option of adapting them to meet the needs of every single learner in your class.

Teaching From Text aims to redress the balance: we provide you with great English lesson plans and resources without you having to spend your evenings, weekends and holiday time creating them!

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