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About Us

The Creative Team

Teaching From Text, which was created in 2019, is all about immersing children in books to encourage a love for reading; learning from the writers and being inspired by the storylines. Our teacher-created resources are written with teachers' time in mind. Each scheme of work contains detailed English lesson plans, whiteboard resources, differentiated activities for the children, Working Wall resources, word mats to support high quality vocabulary and language development, hand drawn images and bespoke educational videos. All our resources are ready to download and print which saves teachers' time and allows for a little self-care!  

Nicola Talbot


After a degree in geography, Nicola completed a PGCE and qualified as a Primary School teacher in 2007. Nicola has taught in a range of schools - both state and private schools. This includes teaching in Malawi, studying teaching in America and going on an exciting journey to the Netherlands where she loved teaching in a British school for three years. Nicola has taught all across the Primary Key Stages and has had a range of leadership roles including being a Reading Lead Teacher and an English Lead Teacher. She has also fulfilled the role of a Middle Leader where she achieved the qualification of a Mastery Specialist in maths. 

In collaboration, Nicola and Davina found a model of teaching English which was highly effective in engaging children, encouraging a thirst for knowledge and a passion for reading which they love using in their classrooms today. This excitement and success sparked the motivation to create Teaching From Text to share with you all! 

Davina Stapley

Davina started her career in education in the year 2000 working as a Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 2 where her skill for facilitating reading, writing, speaking and listening began. Her career progressed, in 2005, where she became a Higher Level Teaching Assistant specialising in Speech, Language and Communication for the Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  In this role, Davina developed her understanding of the importance of visuals to support learners. Within this position, she completed her degree in Childhood Studies. In 2010, Davina completed her Graduate Teacher Programme and became a Primary School Teacher working across all of Key Stage 2.  Throughout this role, Davina has fulfilled many subject leadership positions including: PSHE, RSE, High Interest/High Skill and Art. In addition to these roles, Davina has held two middle leadership positions: SENCO and Growth Mindset and Resilience Leader where she introduced this as a new initiative to the whole school. 

On a personal level, Davina has a real passion for art which she uses to illustrate the Teaching From Text schemes of work to engage all of your children and bring the schemes to life! 

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