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Fully Resourced English Planning: She Wolf

This week we will be spotlighting lesson five from our 'She Wolf' fully resourced English planning written for Upper Key Stage 2. This is an epic unit of work which is based around 'She Wolf' by Dan Smith - a text which will immediately immerse your class into Viking life!

Fully resourced English planning linked to Vikings
Lesson Plan

The lesson starts with the children reading Chapters 7 and 8 of 'She Wolf'.

The children then watch a teaching video linked to Chapters 7 and 8 based on adverbials of time and place (you can access the video here).

Following this, the teacher will first demonstrate and then invite some children to pick a card from the resource below and create a sentence about content in Chapters 7 and 8 using the adverbial of time or place on the card.

Fully resourced English planning linked to Vikings
Adverbials resource cards

Independent Activity - Option 1

The children will then carry out their independent activity. Children who choose to work on Option 1 (which provides more support) use the adverbial cards and the main clause cards (seen below). They need to use the scaffolding to create sentences about the content in Chapters 7 and 8 using adverbials of time and place. The children will cut out the cards and place an adverbial card with a main clause card to create a sentence, for example, 'Watching from a distance, Ylva could see Cathryn and Bron holding shovels'.

Once the children have created a sentence using the cards, they write it down in their English books and repeat until all the cards have been used up.

Independent Activity - Option 2

Children who need less scaffolding use the resource below. They match up a suitable adverbial with a main clause and write the sentences in their English books (for example, 'Ylva took some time to remember where she was after waking'.) They are then challenged to create sentences of their own about Chapters 7 and 8 using adverbials.

Fully resourced English planning linked to Vikings
Option 2 word bank

Independent Activity - Option 3

Children who need a further stretch are provided with a word bank containing only the main clauses (as seen below). These children need to add their own adverbial of time and place to each main clause and record their sentence in their English books.

Fully resourced English planning linked to Vikings
Option 3 word bank

Finally, the children will read Chapter 9 of 'She Wolf' so they are ready for the content of the next lesson.

If you enjoyed this lesson, you can download the whole six-weeks of fully resourced English planning based on Dan Smith's 'She Wolf' below.

Thank you for reading!

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