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Stone Age English Planning

Our thirty fully resourced English lessons are based upon the enchanting book, ‘Nell and the Cave Bear’ by Martin Brown. This is a light-hearted, humorous and exciting book set in the Stone Age. Your class will step back into the Stone Age to follow Nell, a fiercely protective young girl who is determined to travel to the ends of the earth to protect her best friend, Cave Bear.  

Throughout the six weeks of English planning based on the Stone Age, your Year 3 or 4 class (aged 7-9) will learn a range of grammar techniques: emotive language, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, adverbials of time and manner, personal pronouns and prepositions. The children will demonstrate their knowledge of the grammar techniques in three extended pieces of writing: a persuasive text, poetry and a recount letter. 

Like all of our fully resourced English lessons, included in your download are easy to follow lesson plans; bespoke teaching videos carefully linked to the text; WAGOLL texts; scaffolded activities to enable all learners to achieve (supporting adaptive teaching); and our hand-drawn images.   

 Want to try before you buy?

You can download week 1 for FREE here

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