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' The Wild Way Home' Stone Age English Planning

If you are looking for gripping Stone Age English planning for Year 3 and 4 learners (ages 7-9), then look no further!

We have based our thirty fully resourced English lessons on ‘The Wild Way Home’ by Sophie Kirtley. The text follows Charlie as he runs away from a problem... and surprisingly finds himself back in the Stone Age!  

Your class will be fully immersed in their Stone Age learning through a range of grammar activities: expanded noun phrases; figurative language; coordinating and subordinating conjunctions; present perfect form of verbs, prepositions, adverbials of time and manner and fronted adverbials. The children will demonstrate their knowledge of the grammar techniques in three extended pieces of writing: poetry, an explanation text, and a diary recount.

Like all of our fully resourced English lessons, included in your download are easy to follow lesson plans; bespoke teaching videos carefully linked to the text; WAGOLL texts; scaffolded activities to enable all learners to achieve (supporting adaptive teaching); and our hand-drawn images.   

Want to try before you buy? You can download week 1 for FREE here 

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