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WW2 English scheme of work based on Tom Palmer's Resist.

This is the first week of an eight-week English scheme of work for Upper Key Stage 2 (P6 and 7) based on Tom Palmer’s ‘Resist’. You can download this week for free right now to see the overview of the whole unit and to have full access to the first five lesson plans, WAGOLLs, teaching videos and all resources.

Resist Week 1
Download • 7.65MB

Throughout the eight-week unit, your children will be following Edda’s experience through the occupation of the Netherlands during WW2. Your class will complete grammar tasks meticulously linked to the text feeding into four genres of writing: a non-chronological report, diary entry recount, narrative and biography.

If you would like to buy a copy of the text 'Resist' directly from Barrington Stoke then you can follow this link.

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