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English planning Secrets of a Sun King

Secrets of a Sun King English Planning



Welcome to Part 2 of our English planning based on ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ for Upper Key Stage 2 children (aged 9-11). During the 30 x 1 hour English lessons, your class will enjoy increasing their connection with the story whilst following the children on their plight to return the jar to its rightful place.  

Throughout this part of the scheme, your class will develop their narrative understanding through building upon their knowledge of direct speech, and then applying this to an extended piece of narrative writing. 

Part 2 is also packed with punctuation and grammar skills including colons, semicolons, commas and hyphens to avoid ambiguity and passive and active verbs. The children will also learn how to predict, summarise, as well as discover the difference between fact and opinion. 

Many of these skills learnt will then be applied to two more pieces of extended writing – a diary entry and a balanced argument.  

Let this enthralling journey back to Ancient Egypt continue in your classroom, with the hope that Lil and her friends complete their quest! 

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