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Environmental adventure English scheme of work for Lower Key Stage 2

Environmental adventure English scheme of work for Lower Key Stage 2


About this Scheme of Work.

This English six-week scheme of work has been centred around ‘Song of the Dolphin Boy’ -an environmental adventure- by Elizabeth Laird. It tells the story of Finn; he’s a young and lonely boy who struggles to be accepted by his peers. His father does not seem to give him the love and attention he should, and he will not let Finn near the waters where they live. However, he does have some hidden secrets about his son! The book follows Finn’s journey as he tries to make friends and learns his true identity, as well as trying to prevent further plastic pollution in the ocean to protect the dolphins. This scheme includes a clear and thorough focus on plastic pollution in our oceans; this a current topic which children should be aware of. 


This scheme of work links perfectly with many topics:

  • Environment
  • Oceans
  • Looking after our planet
  • Pollution


This 30 x 1 hour English scheme of work is written for Lower Key Stage 2, Years 3 and 4 (age 7-9). All Learning Intentions come from the National Curriculum for Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation for Lower Key Stage 2.


During this unit, the children have three extended writing tasks:

  • Narrative Writing


  • Explanation Text


  • Persuasion Text


Many grammar objectives are also covered throughout the scheme. These include single and plural apostrophes, expanded noun phrases, direct speech, conjunctions of time, causal conjunctions, adverbials of time, fronted adverbials and present tense.


And there is more! In addition to this, the scheme also covers many reading objectives, including performance poetry, character profiling using inference, using a dictionary, retrieving information from non-fiction and debating.


This scheme of work will save teachers a lot of time! Each resource you will need for the whole six weeks is provided within the scheme. This includes differentiated activities, research, posters for the Working Wall, handouts for the children, success criteria checklists and high-quality written examples of extended writing expectations. Finally, all resource illustrations are hand-drawn and bespoke teaching videos are used to engage the children further.


Book cover published by Macmillan Children's Books

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