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Mystery Genre English Scheme of Work

Mystery Genre English Scheme of Work


About this Scheme of Work


‘Peril at the Bake Off ‘ by Ruth Quayle is the perfect mix of humour and mystery genre. 

It follows Joe, Pip and Tom during their summer stay with their Granny in the crime-filled village of Muddlemoor. Thank goodness the trio came to stay so they could solve the mystery, which surrounded their Granny and the Bake Off. 


This six-week English scheme of work has been written for Year 3 and 4 children (ages 7-9).  It includes 30 x 1 hours lesson plans, differentiated resources, engaging hand-drawn images, bespoke teaching videos, high quality example texts, word mats, drama opportunities and success criteria. 

During the six-week unit, the children will learn an array of grammar skills: conjunctions of time, adverbs of manner, imperative verbs and how to correctly punctuate direct speech. 


There are two main writing outcomes for the scheme of work (including lots of smaller tasks in between). The first is an instruction text- where the children get to make delicious cakes and then write a recipe for them. The second is a mystery narrative. 


There are many high quality WAGOLLs (What a Good One looks Like) included in the scheme. The children use the WAGOLLs to base their own writing on. During the unit, the children will learn about the features of a mystery genre and conclude the six-week period by writing their own predictive narrative about what happens to the main characters in the story. 


If you would like to download week 1 for FREE, you can do so here 


You can purchase copies of the book from Waterstones here


Peril at the Bake off – text © 2021 Ruth Quayle, illustrations © 2021 Marta Kissi

Published by Andersen Press

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