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Stone Age English scheme of work

Stone Age English scheme of work


This is a 6 week (30 x 1 hour lessons) English Scheme of Work based around Cave Girl by Abie Longstaff. The scheme of work has been written for Year 3 children (ages 7-8 years old). It uses engaging hand-drawn images throughout to keep the children excited about their learning and to help them get to know the characters even better.

This English scheme of work links perfectly with the Stone Age topic as the book follows a young girl’s trading experience to find her mother a unique birthday present.

Over the 30 x 1 hour English Lessons, many grammar objectives are explicitly taught: how to build a rich and varied vocabulary; adverbs of manner; fronted adverbials; commas after fronted adverbials; how to use and punctuate direct speech; onomatopoeia; pronouns and time and causal conjunctions.


Over the unit your children will have many narrative writing opportunities and they will be writing an instructional text.


This scheme has been written with teachers’ time in mind! Every resource you will need for the six weeks are provided within the download. This includes all lesson plans, differentiated activities, resources for the children, posters for the Working Wall and word banks. You just need a few minutes to print them off! Finally, our scheme includes bespoke educational videos, each one focusing on an objective so you don’t have to spend hours searching for them!


You can purchase copies of 'Cave Girl' from the publisher by following this link. 



© Abie Longstaff, 2019, ‘Cavegirl’, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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