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World War 2 English Planning

World War 2 Free English Planning




Welcome to week 1 of our fully resourced English planning based on the World War 2 text, 'Resist'. This is your chance to try before you buy with our free World War 2 download. Included in the week 1 free download are the first five fully resourced English lesson plans. 


Where can I find ALL of the fully resourced English planning?

The fully resourced six or eight (there are two versions) week scheme can be found here 



Details about the full scheme of work 

In the dark depth of Second World War, with no end in sight, Dutch people in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands find themselves fighting their own war - the war against famine, enslavement and arrest. Edda, a teenage girl with a lion heart, finds herself doing anything she can to help the Dutch resistance fight back against their oppressors.  


We have written an eight-week English scheme of work for Upper Key Stage 2 to follow Edda’s journey fraught with peril and hardship. During the eight week WW2 scheme, your class will be focusing on grammar techniques: apostrophes for possession, relative clauses, embedded clauses, colons, semicolons, conjunctive adverbs, adverbials of time and place, subordinating conjunctions and integrated speech. Our grammar learning opportunities feed directly into the four extended pieces of writing your class will create throughout the unit: a non-chronological report, a diary entry recount, a predictive narrative and a biography. Like all of our schemes, we write with two things in mind: outstanding lessons based around a high-quality text and teachers’ well-being. Every single resource is included for you: lesson plans, WAGOLLs, differentiated activities, teaching videos, knowledge organisers, word mats and even our very own hand-drawn images. Everything is completely editable so, if you should need to, you can tailor make the material to suit the needs of every single learner in your class.  


Don’t have enough time to teach an eight-week scheme? We have a six-week version available too which can be found here.

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