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'Boy 87' English Planning for Upper Key Stage 2.

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Set in an unnamed country, this is a timely and important book, which illuminates the realities of life as a refugee. The first-person narration simply, but powerfully, conveys Shif’s terror at the violence and cruelty he encounters, as well as his sense of loss. The horrors he is escaping are all too real, but this is ultimately a story about the power of kindness and the strength of the human spirit.

This six-week English unit of work has been written for Years 5 and 6 (aged 9-11). It contains 30 x 1 hour English lesson plans, which include differentiated, engaging activities and top teaching tips. Our 'Boy 87' English planning for Upper Key Stage 2 includes all the resources you will need ready for you to print off including differentiated activities, success criteria, WAGOLLs (writing models) and word mats.

During the unit many vocabulary and grammar techniques are covered: emotive and figurative language; semicolons, colons and dashes; and cohesive devises. The children will have regular shorter writing tasks such as letter writing from the main character to his little sister, a recount and free verse poetry. The children will also have a longer writing task (a biography of the main character) to embed their grammar learning.

If that wasn’t enough, our scheme includes beautiful hand-drawn images and bespoke teaching videos to engage your children further.

This heart-wrenching and uplifting book will stay with you and your class forever.

Click here to download week 1 for free!

Publisher Pushkin Children’s Books

Author Ele Fountain

Cover designer Katie Everson

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