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Fully Resourced English Planning: Resist

In this blog, we are shining the spot light on our fully resourced English planning based on 'Resist' by Tom Palmer. Resist is a fantastic text based on WW2.

In this post we will walk you through lesson 5.

Fully Resourced English Planning World War 2
Lesson plan

The lesson starts with a review of the previous learning where the children need to create two sentences including relative clauses prompted by the learning slide below on the left.

After the review, the children will get to enjoy reading Chapter 4 of Resist and then look at the family tree image (seen below right) to make sense of who is who in the story!

Fully Resourced English Planning World War 2
Review slide

Fully Resourced English Planning World War 2
Family Tree

Activity 1

Following this, the children are going to learn how to use a colon to mark the boundary between two independent clauses through watching a teaching video which you can access by clicking here .

The children will then complete an activity supported by the left hand side of handout below.

Fully Resourced English Planning World War 2

There are two choices of Activity: Option 1 which provides the children with further support as they are implementing their learning about colons and Activity 2 which provides further stretch for other children.

Activity 2

After this, the children will watch a second video but this time on semicolons. You can access the video here . Once again, after the video, the children will complete an independent activity. There are two different levels as seen below.

To finish the lesson, the children will hunt for colons and semicolons in the WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) non-chronological report to see the grammar features in action!

If you liked this lesson, then you can download the whole fully resourced English planning for 'Resist' below!

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