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September Scheme of Work Key Stage 2

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

This two-week scheme of work has been specifically designed and written for you to build a connection with your new class right from the beginning of the academic year. Through the book, ‘Sunflower Sisters’, each child will get to share their identity with you, share who they look up to and develop a strong sense of belonging in their new class. Through fun and creative English, DT and PSHE learning, the children will get to know you quickly which will propel the fundamental relationship between you and your class.

Our September Scheme of work for Key Stage 2 contains 10 x 1 hour lessons, teaching videos, word mats, beautiful hand-drawn images and every single resource you will need. If that wasn’t enough, by the end of the unit you will have a ready-made display to celebrate the members of your new class.

September Scheme for Key Stage 2
September Scheme KS2

This is our gift to you so you can relax and recharge over the summer. Our job, as teachers, is all-consuming and we need to look after ourselves! We hope that this scheme will bat away the 'back-to-school anxiety' and allow you to have a super September start instead!

Nicola and Davina x

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