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Fully Resourced English Planning: Vlad and the Florence Nightingale Adventure

This blog will put the spotlight on our fully resourced English planning for the wonderful book 'Vlad and the Florence Nightingale Adventure' by Kate and Sam Cunningham. This text tells the story of Florence Nightingale and how she, and her team, came to the unhygienic Scutari Hospital and made significant changes to it. This post will focus on lesson 1.

Fully resourced English planning Florence Nightingale
Lesson Plan

Activity 1 and 2

This lesson kickstarts with reading the text, 'Vlad and the Florence Nightingale Adventure' so the children are fully immersed from the onset! Following this, the children are shown how confused Vlad, the Flea in History, is about the events of the Crimean War. His confusion is shared by the resource R1 below:

Fully resourced English Planning Florence Nightingale
Whiteboard Slide

Thankfully, Vlad and the children can find all about the Crimean War from Florence Nightingale herself. This bespoke teaching video will engage the children whilst they gather the information they will need which can be accessed here:

Activity 3

Afterwards, the resource below will need to be shared. Vlad has got himself in a muddle: he has dropped two piles of cards which Florence gave him! One set happened to be true facts about the Crimean War and the second set were false facts about the Crimean War. Vlad really needs the children's help him sort the cards into the true and false piles. ​

Fully resourced English Planning Florence Nightingale
Whiteboard Slide

This is where it gets really exciting with plenty of opportunities for oracy!

In pairs, the teacher provides the children with the cards below. They read and sort the cards into a 'true' column and a 'false' column (on an A3 copy of the chart).

Fully resourced English planning Florence Nightingale
Card Sorting Chart

It is always lovely for the children to reflect on their learning at the end of a lesson! The teacher could play the video a final time whilst the children look through their sorted cards.

This reflection time gives the children a further opportunity for discussion and embedding the facts that one last time!

If you enjoyed this lesson and want to download the whole scheme, it can be found here.

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